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Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Let’s talk about irises!

They are tall and beautiful spring blooming perennial plants. Sun loving, drought tolerant, and resistant to nibbling! These stunning rhizomes are a truly awe inspiring addition to any garden! there are hundreds of varieties on the market so finding one that strikes your fancy shouldn’t be difficult!

They have a running rhizome that snakes along the top of the ground, it does not like to be buried. Burying it will actually stop blooms and can make it stop growing altogether. When planting make sure the rhizome is laying flat along the ground and do not cover heavily with mulch!

They require at least 5 hours of sunlight to bloom, less and they’ll still have healthy leaves but not enough energy to blossom.

They love wet feet, however they don’t want to be in standing water. They would do best on the edge of a pond/river/lake or a low spot that water pools in during rainstorms. They are mildly toxic to pets. The most toxic part is the root and rhizome but the leaves and flowers will definitely make the animal sick as well! Naturally they are deer, groundhog, and rabbit resistant because of this. Irises are heavy feeders! Having a good nutrient rich soil will ensure a healthy plant which in turn means big full blossoms! Fertilizing monthly to keep consistency in available nutrients is key! Happy Gardening

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